Key Platform Principles

  • More Professionalism -- less politics
  • More Efficiency through better Stewardship

  • It's about Service -- not Politics

Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved...

I need volunteers for door-to-door canvassing, distributing signs, assisting with meet and greets and fundraiser gatherings and working the polls in September and November. It would also be helpful for those using social media to “like”, “share” or otherwise make sure your friends and family are aware of your choice to support me as a candidate. Our campaign will be a critical test of the ability of the internet and social media as a serious form of communication. For more information or to volunteer, email me at


If you have questions for me this is where I will answer them. I will try to answer all of the common questions and also those that I believe are important to you citizens and voters. Questions should be sent to

Priorities as Mayor

  • Get City Manager government on the ballot by November, 2014
  • Right-size City staffing including reducing excessive management
  • Provide sufficient resources for Fire and Police operations
  • Reduce excessive budget cushions
  • End the retire and rehire practice


I have decided to not request any endorsements from any organizations or groups. If you are like me I am sometimes suspicious of what agreements may be made when a candidate gets an endorsement. However, I believe it's also important to know something about a candidate. Therefore we will print here some endorsements from those who know me or have worked with me. If you would like to submit an endorsement send it to We will only use the initials of the endorser unless you request otherwise.

Donate to the campaign

If you are able to help the campaign financially please send your contribution to Cox for Mayor, P.O. Box 8673, Toledo, Ohio 43623 and made payable to: Cox for Mayor. If you wish to contribute using a credit card contact us at and let us know how and when we can reach you to get the information. Please do not send any credit card information via e-mail.

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